Constitutionalist from New Hampshire Breaks Down Legislative Hiccups

Constitutionalist Daniel Richard sits with recent New Hampshire Governor Candidate Karen Testerman, who ran opposed to Governor Chris Sununu for re-election this election term. Richard discusses issues with the New Hampshire State Constitution and how the current Governor is abusing powers against Citizens of New Hampshire, who should otherwise be protected by the State’s Constitution.

Richard also talks about how Sununu does not have the Constitutional authority to make laws in New Hampshire, nor does he have the Constitutional authority to lawfully enforce them without the consent of the Legislature:

“When did the General Court meet to determine whether these Executive Orders of Emergency constituted an appropriate action based on said Emergency? These lock-downs are unconstitutional, according to the laws of the land in New Hampshire.”

Listen Below!

Interview / Recording Credit to: Middays with Jocelyn Reporting on Truth, Justice & Me