NH Citizens Invoke Article 10

The Citizens of the State of New Hampshire exercised their constitutional rights on 12/21/2020 by declaring their Independence from the existing form of government by a formal written declaration of termination of the current form of government.

Article 10 was filed

A customized declaration of independence was provided for by Citizens of the State, to the Department of Justice building for Attorney General Gordon MacDonald, as well as to the Secretary of State. We made our statement at the State House and took action at other State offices, demanding acknowledgement and respect of our Constitutional rights in that deliverance.

What happens next?

Join our next public event while we follow up on this declaration by protesting Governor Sununu’s Inauguration Day at the State House in Concord on January 7, 2021.


Please share this event with your favorite freedom groups and your friends. All are encouraged to attend!

More photos from the event: