Daniel Richard, et al v Mary Jane Wallner, et al

The question is simple.

Can Governors and the Executive Council, and a very small group of senators and representatives on the Fiscal Committee accept billions from the federal government and obligate the state to billions in debts guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the Citizens of New Hampshire and also agree to federal rules and regulations that violate our constitution and rights? Accepting federal grants?

Pledging the full faith and credit of the State to guarantee federal grants?

Ceding state sovereignty and agreeing to federal control and rules and regulations which may violate our constitution and the trust agreement with the Citizens of New Hampshire?

These are things the Governor, the Attorney General, the Executive Committee and the Fiscal Committee do not have the power or authority to do. That is why they wait until they send the Legislature home to do them while they are out of session. The Governor, Attorney General, Executive Committee, and Fiscal Committee have been negotiating these deals and obligating the people to them for years; since the New Deal. In fact, when the states were all bankrupt and FDR rolled out the “New Deal” to bail them out; it came with a price.

That price was state sovereignty and independence and constitutionality… and the dark money has flowed ever since and their power has increased without check because of it. That is until now!

Thanks to the work of Daniel Richard, joined by Kelley Potenza and Wes Chapmon, a suit has been filed in Superior Court to block the 27+ million in federal funds for an expanded vaccine registry, as well as all federal funds that are not constitutionally voted upon by the entire NH Legislature, along with the corresponding strings such as debt obligations and rules and regulations. It is the constitutional power and responsibility of our Legislature to deliberate these Federal agreements and determine if they violate our own state constitution.

We delivered the following documents to the Merrimack County Sheriff to serve the 20 defendants (the Governor, Attorney General, Executive Councilors, and Fiscal Committee members: