New Hampshire Committee of Safety

Holding State Government Responsible for Unconstitutional Laws

What are the Committees of Safety?

The Committee of Safety’s goal is to:

Promote the teachings of the Constitution, the laws of the land
Protect these rights by local community and legislative oversight by Committee of Safety watchmen
Aim to enforce those rights via remonstrance, litigation, and lobbying efforts

New Hampshire Committee of Safety
Mission Statement

  1. Education and promotion of the Constitution of New Hampshire—the Laws of the Land.
  2. Citizen oversight of the legislative body to promote and restore the Constitutional rule of law.
  3. File remonstrances and lawsuits when necessary to repeal any orders, laws, statutes, ordinances, directions, and instructions that are repugnant or contrary to this Constitution.
  4. Educate and promote knowledge of the Constitution of New Hampshire to all Citizens of the State consisting of unorganized militia [NH RSA 110-B:1-a].
  5. To establish and maintain relationships with New Hampshire law enforcement agencies for those people who choose to prepare and train for the possibility of civil unrest, natural disaster, or armed invasion—foreign or domestic. So, if called upon, the citizens of this State may be prepared to support and defend their communities, when necessary, in defense of all certain natural, essential, and inherent rights. Among them include enjoying and defending life and liberty—acquiring, possessing, and protecting property of all kinds.

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