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As of March 13, 2020, New Hampshire Governor Sununu has enacted 83 Executive Orders.

The power of the State to declare an emergency belongs with the Legislative body — not with the Executive branch (Governor).

The emergency orders are unconstitutional because the legislature delegated to the executive branch powers is reserved to the legislature as written in the Constitution. The legislature cannot give away its authority to any other branch of government.

Do something about it with New Hampshire Committee of Safety.

” The Constitution of New Hampshire (the Law of the Land) may not be amended by the legislative body (General Court). That power is retained to and may only be exercised by the people, the Sovereign, the creator of the laws of the land…”

We are DEMANDING Protection of our Constitutional Rights.
Are you with us?

Constitutional Power
of Your State Citizenship Rights

Did you know that there is a difference between being a NH Citizen and being a NH Resident?

The Constitution refers to the New Hampshire Citizen and that is one that must take an oath to the State Constitution. If you were not born in New Hampshire, or if you were and have claimed US Citizen status on a DMV or Voting application, then you must certify an oath to the New Hampshire Constitution.

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